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i like cake

hey all,
i'm andy.
i'm new to the whole live journal thing,
but good to find a songwriting community.
here's my song about,
not sure.

When I need you here (Melancholy)

Wooden fingers rock the cradle in my mind,
And ice burns to shine a light that begins to free,
A dreary day locked away inside my heart,
My heart crowned of the thorns from the enchanted key.

Blessed and cursed, would you smile?
If I were to let go for a rapid while?
And would you cry?
If I were to decide,
That I would die,
Before the black days fell apart,
And I freed my second heart.

Freed the tears that reside in need,
Would you touch the stars with me?
Collect the planets and rock the seas,
Just to find the lost enchanted key?

Stop the rage, how sin it was,
Be a sage, then win because,
My heart and yours are no longer waiting,
And I was just a fool for hating,
A fool for hating.

Every time I see eyes in the shadow,
I feel like the candle no longer smiles,
I feel like it is time to shatter stone windows,
With a hate that the sinners call vile.

Every time I conquer the red I fly away,
To another mission that rises every day,
Like the cracked skin upon a garden,
I can’t win until bones begin to harden.

And would you cry?
If I were to decide,
I’ll soon die,
My days have fallen apart,
Too late to save this heart,

Freed the fears that clawed in me,
Planted and nurtured a sinful seed,
Never loved or dreamt kind dreams,
All because of a life in greed,

Can’t stop the rage, how sin it is,
Can’t be a sage, and live in bliss,
My heart and yours can’t ever stop fading,
How I wish I never started hating,
Cos I’m just a fool for hating.
A fool for hating,

Into the night I dig amongst the soil,
I reap it with a rusty knife,
Sinking like a ship on waters of toil,
Drinking the poison of god.
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