Craig (capnbeefheart) wrote in songposting,

Hi! I'm new here, and I thought I'd post some short song lyrics I wrote a while back. I'll warn you now that I'm not very good at all.

Was it so tragically teenaged
that everyone wrote songs about our mistakes
give or take a few differences
in demeanor and taste
Like your hair was blonde
and my eyes were black
and she was a he,
and he wasn't stacked
It's been so long
but still I can't
tell who was the one
with the knife in their back

Hello again, dear friend.
Nice to know you're well.
I can no longer tell
If you're glad to know me too.

Our reunion was brief
You asked about my father.
What my brother was doing.
A way to talk to them both.
You didn't ask about me.
But earlier you said
"Your voice has gotten deep."

I love you, dearly
For remembering clearly
or just enough, to notice.

I got a feeling only you would.

If you breathe out
I can breathe you in
and we can blend
we can blend
we can blend
We were hurting now
and we were hurting then
But pain mends
it mends
it mends

Hello my dear friend
I think you have a part of me.
But all I got for you is a nickel
your part is with someone else.
So maybe never.

I want you to lock me away
inside a cage
so I may only sing for you.
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